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Welcome to CRN's Studio B providing programming for our 18+ listeners ONLY, if you are not at least 18 years of age please return to our general programming feed at STUDIO A.

About The Boulevard

This program broadcasts 24/7 and consists of Urban, Latino Hip Hop and R & B Classics. All songs and programming in Studio B are uncut and unedited which is why we invite only our 18+ to join us at Studio B.

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Studio (B)

CRNLive Studio (B)

Chingo's interview un-edited here in Studio B ONLY!

What does Bad Boy Latino, Universal, Asylum (Warner Brothers), Capitol, and Atlantic Records have in common? They were all bidding for Latino superstar Chingo Bling from Houston, Texas. Listen in to the pick of the month as Chingo Bling announces to the world, which he chose during an interview on the Chicano Radio Network U.S.A.

Chingo Bling shot on to the country’s Urban scene with his hit single “Walk like Cleto” about his pet rooster. This hit not only showed Chingo’s ability to get people's attention with humor, but it also showed what was soon to come out of his camp called “Big Chile Enterprises”. Today Chingo enjoys numerous releases from coast to coast with other mainstream artists like Baby Bash, Pit Bull, Pow Wow, Fat Joe, Nina Sky, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and NORE.


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